Sean Cody: Paul(3)

Sean Cody: Paul(3)
Paul considers himself a “professional chiller“. We are not too sure what that entails but since he is an aspiring musician, we think it might require a lot of time with a guitar, a pen and a piece of paper. But, he does find the time to hit the gym between his chill sessions.

Sean Cody: Paul(3)
He wasn’t always a tall, built, 21-year-old stud. He claims he was actually a bit of a “chubster” when he was younger and he ended up playing a few particular farm roles in some school plays that had him in some interesting costumes.Those days are long gone and his dedication in the gym have really paid off!
Sean Cody: Paul(3)
Sean Cody did notice something interesting in his time with him. He really seems to get off on pulling and playing with his balls!
Sean Cody: Paul(3)
“So I was noticing yesterday that you like to pull on your balls,” SC commented. “You pull on your balls when you jerk off?”
“Tell me why.”
Gets me harder I guess.”
“Do you like when people suck on your balls?”
“Ummm… yeah,” he replied with a huge grin!

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