Bel Ami: Mick Lovell Backstage

Bel Ami's Dolph Lambert, Kris Evans & Mick Lovell
[Editor’s Note: We rarely cover backstage updates from Bel Ami but Mick Lovell looks so perfect that we feel obliged to cover everything about him. These footages are a hint of the very hot updates to come from Bel Ami! Yummy!]
Today is special for Bel Ami as it is the official introduction of Mick Lovell, their first American exclusive. They have been presenting them a little out of order as they want to keep Mick as a special Christmas present for you.
The footage was shot by Johan Paulik during their visit to Sydney’s Mardi Gras this year and the following little tour around New South Wales.

Bel Ami's Dolph Lambert, Kris Evans & Mick Lovell
Mick is outstandingly beautiful! He is a wonderful addition to Bel Ami. A full sex scene between him and either Dolph Lambert or Kris Evans would be totally overwhelming! Better yet… How about a three way?
Bel Ami's Dolph Lambert, Kris Evans & Mick Lovell
Allow us to quote a review of Bel Ami’s user @Bunlover: “Mick has the headshape of Aussie soap actor (Home and Away) David Jones Roberts, a little bit of a Zac Effron smile, certain facial resemblance to both Kevin Zegers and Michael Pitt and even a little goth-ish Adam Lambert over him.” No wonder he has such a wide appeal and looks so damn perfect.
Just release Mick Lovell’s videos already Bel Ami!

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