Sean Cody: Jayden

Sean Cody: Jayden
“So,” Sean Cody mentioned, “the carpet does not match the drapes?
Jayden laughed. His pubic hair is clippered, but it is definitely ginger. And the rest of his hair is dark brown.
Yep,” he said with a smile, but without further comment.

Sean Cody: Jayden
After a little prodding, we discovered that he had “redhead tendencies” as a kid, but his hair grew darker as he got older. Everywhere, that is, except down there!
Jayden is a beefy, muscular guy who spends a lot of time in the gym.
Sean Cody: Jayden
Most people think I’m a big, dumb jock,” he said. “Until they get to know me.”
Jayden is actually very sweet and kind of shy.
Sean Cody: Jayden
We complemented him on his thick cock and big balls and he kind of got embarrassed.
You’re blushing,” SC teased.

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