Sean Cody: Pavel and Derek

Sean Cody: Pavel and Derek
Derek has a very sensitive prostate!
I feel like I’m going to cum when I’m getting fucked,” he said. “I don’t, but it’s pretty intense!”
Derek is very “open” when it comes to sex, but he confided that he really likes to get fucked by a guy whose physique is on par with his.

Sean Cody: Pavel and Derek
I like a little bit of both,” he said, referring to both topping and bottoming. “But if the other guy has muscles, I prefer getting fucked!
Pavel definitely prefers being on the top.
Sean Cody: Pavel and Derek
That’s what I’m built for!” he joked.
These two muscle studs were really hot together and we loved the contrast of their skin. Pavel is darker and hairy, and Derek is pale and smooth.
Sean Cody: Pavel and Derek
Pavel’s dick is always dark and we could tell that he was keeping Derek on the edge.
That was pretty apparent by the load Derek shot!

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04 Feb 12 By Ken 8 Comments