Chaos Men: Bruce

Chaos Men: Bruce
We hope you like big muscley guys with Mohawks!
Bruce IS a nice guy, all set to do a solo and a Serviced video and eager to show of for us.
During the photos, he was struggling to stay hard, so Chaos Men quickly set him up to do his solo at the computer, complete with audio. Thankfully that worked out, though he does focus a bit on the video.

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30 Apr 12 By Jo

AustinZane: Caught In The Act

austinzane caught act
The moment Juan Jacobs told Zane he preferred filming outdoors over indoors, he knew they would be heading back to Cowboy Canyon for some outdoor action. However, when they got there, the sun’s position wasn’t right so Austin lead the group to a more open spot near the water, and boy did they pay the price.
With a paranoid Bret Myles behind the camera, the scene gets more and more frantic as they can here people’s voices nearby getting closer and Bret even saw a women run by within 25 feet of where they were filming. Austin and Zane were just about to cum as a boat flew up on the scene- it appears these guys like getting caught!

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30 Apr 12 By Dave

Hairy Boyz: Morgan Black and Roman Heart

hairyboyz roman morgan
Making out by the electrical meters, Morgan Black and Roman Heart are generating serious wattage. Roman gets right on Morgan’s slightly sloping cock, periodically choking when it hits the back of his throat. The super handsome Roman loves getting his face fucked and furry Morgan likes a hot mouth on his huge cock. Lifting a leg up on huge wire spool, Roman gives Morgan a clear look at his hungry hole and Morgan probes it with his mouth. It’s not long before Morgan’s rod is pounding Roman’s hole, and Roman holds on for the wild ride.

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30 Apr 12 By Dave

Jake Cruise: Doug Acre on QCX

jake cruise doug acre
Jake gets to play with Doug Acre who packs some serious meat. He’s got a monster dong and a smooth, athletic body to go along with it. Doug is wearing a sexy black thong which can barely fit his cock, even when it’s soft! As soon as Jake gets him hard it can’t be contained. On the bed Jake attacks his huge prick. Tears of joy stream down his face after deep-throating Doug. It was a real challenge, but well worth choking on!

More of Doug Acre on QCX.

30 Apr 12 By Dave

Lucas Kazan: Roberto Giorgio and Matthias Vannelli

lucas kazan roberto matthias
Roberto Giorgio and Matthias Vannelli need no introduction: Roberto is perhaps the most popular hunk to come out of Hungary, Matthias the best known (and most endowed) Italian stallion. Together they make for the perfect muscle duo: ripped, hard, horny, ready.
For a limited time Lucas Kazan is offering 25% of your membership! This is exclusively for QueerClick readers only. Click here for more details.

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30 Apr 12 By Dave

Cocksure Men: Marc Dylan & Aaron Blake

Marc Dylan & Aaron Blake are Cocksure Men
Marc Dylan, wearing a bath robe, finds hottie Aaron Blake reading in bed. Aaron can’t wait to see what’s underneath the robe, so he starts pulling at it. Marc and Dylan, still in their underwear, kiss passionately on the bed. Aaron soon swallows as much of Marc as he can handle. Marc fingers Aaron’s ass while Aaron waxes Marc’s thick pole. Marc and Aaron suck each other’s cocks with abandon.

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30 Apr 12 By redmonkey

Ask QC: Which Porn Movies have the best Anal Orgasms?

Ask QC

Dear QC


OK, so I have heard of the prostate (or anal) orgasm. Apparently it’s when you have the most intense orgasm ever all over your body and in some cases you have an orgasm even without cumming.

My question is out of all the porn movies that have ever been filmed, I still haven’t seen nor heard about them happening to pro porn stars.

So do you know of any? Or is it true that none exist?



Prostrate or Anal Orgasm what’s your take? And do we have any pornoisseurs out there who know movies show this happening? If you can help answer Jacob’s curiosity and more, or perhaps enjoy prostrate/anal orgasms yourself and want to share, then please leave your opinions, experiences, and advice in the QComments section.
Need advice? Just send in your questions and the QCollective will get you some answers!

30 Apr 12 By T

Southern Strokes: Levi and Sully

southern strokes levi sully
Sully was hanging out at the Ranch for the weekend along with Levi and a few other Southern Strokes models. Sully did a solo for the camera a little earlier in the weekend and SoStro really didn’t expect him to do anything more. Sully hasn’t been out of jail for to long so he is still a bit cautious.
SoStro can honestly say that when Sully approached them and said that he wanted to do a video, they just about fell over when he said he wanted to hit it with Levi. Levi might have been the last person they paired up with Sully. Sully is so quiet that they figured that he just wanted to give Levi a pounding so that he could get off and still be ok that he had just fucked a guy.

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29 Apr 12 By Dave

Sean Cody: William(2)

Sean Cody: William(2)
This place is like an adult playground!” William said as he was sliding all over the counter he had covered in lube.
“Wow!” Sean Cody said, a little surprised. “When I first met you I thought you were the shy, reserved, polite type.”
“Well that’s cause we just met,” he replied. “Wait ’til you get to know me!
We think that for William, being reserved around new people came from his military background. But deep down, you could tell there was a little rambunctious kid waiting to get out.

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29 Apr 12 By Ken