Breaking: Zac Efron Sydney Cock Pix Leaked + Full Image Set Download

Breaking: Zac Efron Sydney Cock Pix

[Update 2: QC’s forensics department has deconstructed the images and gave us a video walkthrough of how the original was manipulated. Watch our very own virgin MythBuster episode at the bottom of the post! :P]

[Update: Well, it didn’t take long for our sharp-eye QClickers to turn down Zac Efron’s serving of faux eggs and sausages. We’re releasing the embargo on your comments. ♥]
Well, it’s all over the Internet by now that Zac Efron was seen on the balcony of his Sydney Park Hyatt suite over the weekend. Everyone has shot of his Calvin Klein briefs, some has photos of Zac having his personal Easter egg hunt *scratch scratch sniff sniff*, others have his exposed left bum.

Looks like WE ARE The Lucky One [sic]. QC will be sharing with you clear shots of his eggs AND sausage. Ready for breakfast guys?

Breaking: Zac Efron Sydney Cock Pix

WOW… Isn’t it great to finally see what Vanessa Hudgens, Lily Collins and other yet-to-be-named A-listers have enjoyed all these while? We should put together a pool of money so paparazzi can afford even better zoom lens. Don’t you wanna see all details? Aren’t you curious if Zac Efron had a good circumcision surgery?

Pity his balls look a tad scrunged up. Maybe it’s the morning cold. Would have loved it hanging a tad lower, like his pair of eggs benedict for breakfast.

Here’s the download link for QClickers so you can have all these images to yourselves. Password? qcrocks
Of course. 😛

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