Kellan Lutz’s Balls Exposed!

Kellan Lutz tease with low rise jeans
[Update: Well it didn’t take you guys long to discover that the balls belonged to those of Diogo Rodrigues (QCE coverage #1, #2 & #3) instead of our Hollywood hunk. The photo originated from Attitude Magazine taken by Matthias Vriens-McGrath. Damn, the photographer must have had a blast adjusting the briefs until the right percentage of Rodrigues’ balls is exposed. What sinful fun!
Props goes to @Angel for identifying Kellan Lutz’s original photo that made into this excellent Photoshop work. Great eye! And finally, the embargoed comments are published. Happy re-hashing the comments! :P]

We sure were disappointed when Kellan Lutz didn’t take any sleazy photos for either his Calvin Klein X underwear campaign or his stint at The Twilight Saga. Fortunately, we’ve already gathered much facts about his manmeat (cut, has nice cock head, huge bulge) on the days he freeballs while on the streets of LA.
Today, we head one step closer to viewing his tool in the flesh. From the sides of a pair of very stretchable briefs, we will have a nice look at his balls! Yummy! What a great way to kick start the work day. Yay!

Kellan Lutz balls leaking from the side
Awww… Those balls look really full and ready to explode. Guess his work schedule is way too packed for him to find time to release the reservoir of man juice within him. Who wanna volunteer and be on the receiving end of fresh and warm cum from one Kellan Lutz?

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