QueerClick’s Touch & Tease Vol. 1

QueerClick's Touch & Tease Vol. 1 Introduction


Hey guys!! Please drop whatever you are doing and gather around the water cooler. We’re like REALLY excited about this announcement, and, sort of a milestone for QC. Yep, today marks the official launch of QC Games – something we’ve planned for a long time, but never really found the time nor the right people to bring this to fruition.

We love playing games and we feel there is a serious lack of games out in the market that are:
1) Gay
2) Fun
3) A little dirty

And so we bravely decided to venture into uncharted waters and create gay erotic games we’d like to play! There were a couple of false starts in 2011, and we were constantly distracted by the myriad of tasks on our never-ending to-do list. But, we finally zipped our pants, decided to stop wanking around, and the project picked up traction late last year. After 4 months, we are ready to publish our first game.

QC isn’t a game developing company, but we found a great team of young talents to work with, stirred in our hearts and soul to make this happen. We hope you enjoy our efforts and that the games will bring some cheer to your day. Let us know what you think, and also, let us know what you’d like to see for our future game releases (targeting a release cycle of one new game each month). We’ll try to incorporate your suggestions/ideas as best as we can.

Have fun QueerClicking!
Editor D

What are you waiting for? The game is waiting for you right after the jump! 🙂



Name: Akuhara Shoya
Nationality: Japanese
Age: 27
Occupation: Electrical Technician
Sexual Orientation: Straight (apparently)


This Japanese slab of a hunk was sent to fix our leaking air conditioner in QC Headquarters. But when we left him alone with our AC, we caught him rummaging through our XXX cabinets when we returned from lunch! We’re not sure if he was sniffing for gay porn or trying to sabotage us, so we tied him up and decided to treat him to a lil something-something for being notty. He’s all yours now!


We’re not going to tell you how to play the game cos all the fun is in the EXPLORING. Just take your mouse and start clicking on er, the man bits. That’s all we’re going to say. 😉 There are several different outcomes depending on how “well” you play the game. Even if you got it right the first couple of times, play again and try to mix things up. You may be surprised.

QC Games: Touch & Tease Vol. 1 Requires Flash

Aww… Shoya needs you to have Flash. Come visit him again at http://bit.ly/QCGamesV1 once you’re ready!


We invite you to post your results in the comments section. If you had fun, feel free to get others to play via http://bit.ly/QCGamesV1


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