BadPuppy: James Hot

badpuppy james hot
20 year old James Hot comes to us from Prague. This uncut stud has about an hour before his folks get home and he has every intention of utilizing his time wisely, if you know what we mean! Up on his bed, he begins fondling his nipples and rubbing his body. James removes his shirt and his hands go down the front of his jeans, both in and out. He drops his jeans around his knees and rubs his uncut cock, bringing it out of his briefs, where he can get a better hand’s on approach. The jeans come off, along with the briefs, so he can lay back and relax, putting his focus on some firm hand stroking action.

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31 May 12 By Dave

Next Door Buddies: Paul Wagner and Tyler Torro

Next Door Buddies: Paul Wagner and Tyler Torro
Lurking in the bushes, Paul Wagner awaits. Silent, patiently he holds steady to ambush his prey, and as Tyler Torro comes aimlessly strolling, unknowingly falling right into Paul’s trap, he springs out and Tyler catches a face full of Paul’s water cannon. Having committed the perfect ambush, all Paul needs to do now is make is get away. Light of foot and swiftly he moves with a heated Tyler hot on his heels. Through the screen door and onto the bed, Paul ducks for cover as Tyler jumps on top of him a moment behind, pins him in a classic position and then predictably exclaims, “Tickle Fight!”.

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31 May 12 By Jo

Amateur College Sex: Avery and Olivia on QCX

Amateur College Sex: Avery and Olivia
New freshman Avery gets his education at CF off to a hot start with coed fave, Olivia! Olivia quickly gets Avery’s shirt off as they kiss.
Avery makes out with Olivia. He lies back on the sofa so she can blow him. Olivia deep throats Avery’s cock. He holds back her hair and watches her swallow his dick.
Flipping positions, Avery eats Olivia out. He slides his tongue deep into her pussy and strokes his hard cock. Olivia whimpers as she plays with her tits and gets eaten out.

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31 May 12 By Ken

Southern Strokes: Cole’s Hole

southern strokes cole hole

Cole Markum is gorgeous from head to toe but SoStro would have to say that they just can’t get enough of that hungry hole of his. Cole gives us all a close look at that amazing ass of his.
Cole stripped naked before he jumped on on the massage table and laid on his back. As soon as Cole felt the cold wet lube touch his taint, he immediately grabbed the back of both of his knees and raised his legs up revealing his wet eager ass hole.

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31 May 12 By Dave

Pole Position: Firing All Cylinders

Chaos Men's Bentley Win Pole Position
During our last Pole Position, we asked who you’d like to spend your Memorial Day long weekend with, and the results are in. Congratulations first goes to Allen of Chaos Men for having the opportunity of servicing our Winner of the Week: Bentley! @Funguy’s description of Bentley explains exactly why he deserves to win the race: “Bentley is a man’s man! Masculine, hot, hairy, unshaved and a big fat cock. Perfection.” Aren’t you guys extremely jealous of Allen now? We sure are!
Other studios are fighting back with hotter models this week. The guys at Orange Office can’t unanimously decide who amongst them is the sexiest. We need your help!

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31 May 12 By scotchtape

Hard Brit Lads: Brandon

hard brit lads brandon
Hung young fittie Brandon Jones really delivers in this scorcher of a solo, oiling up his tightly muscled body and girthy uncut cock, and fingering his smooth hole as he jerks off in loads of horny positions before shooting his thick spunk load over his six pack.
Brandon starts off by lifting his vest to show us his bulging tight abs.. more of an eight pack than a six pack. He tweaks his nipples a bit, then removes his sports vest to give us a full view of his seriously fit body. His pecs are tight and defined, and his biceps are pretty big, with broad shoulders and a slim waist.

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31 May 12 By Dave

Bel Ami: Jean-Daniel Chagall & Gaelan Binoche on QCX

Bel Ami: Jean-Daniel Chagall & Gaelan Binoche
Today is the first part of a flip flop special with Gaelan Binoche and Jean-Daniel Chagall that was filmed last year by Marty in Bel Ami’s Bratislava studio.
From the look of the guys at the start of the clip you would think that they had already been at it all the previous night, but JD assures us that is not the case and that he is already hard in anticipation.

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31 May 12 By scotchtape

Bentley Race: Fernando

bentley race fernando
Bentley first met Fernando a couple of years ago in Berlin. So when Zac heard that Fernando was going to be in town at the same time they organized to meet up. After lunch the boys headed back to Zac’s hotel room for a little photo shoot. Fernando is looking hot! We can see that he has been working out a lot since we last saw him. The guys got along great, joking and fooling around. But by the end of the photo shoot Fernando was really turned on and wanted to jack off.

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31 May 12 By Dave