Sean Cody: Peter(3)

Sean Cody: Peter(3)
When Peter first took his pants off, we were instantly shocked at how hung he was!
“Sometimes when all the blood rushes to my dick, I feel really light headed,” he joked.
“Holy shit!” Sean Cody said. “Stretch it out, I want to see how long it really is!
It was huge. Huge!! Big and pendulous, right there between his legs.

Sean Cody: Peter(3)
So SC had to ask: “You must get comments all the time.”
“Yeah,” he replied. “One time when I was showering at the gym, a guy came up to me and said, ‘thanks for the show!‘”
He’s definitely got the whole package, with a giant cock, cute face, giant cock, great personality, chiseled physique… and a giant cock.
Sean Cody: Peter(3)
He’s been in great shape his whole life, but recently he started taking it to a whole new level.
“I just started doing fitness competitions,” he explained. “I like being critiqued… I’m just glad they judge from the waist up. I’ve got scrawny chicken legs!”
Then there’s his southern charm – he was full of stories about catching gators, dancing in the streets naked, and masturbating in public places.
Sean Cody: Peter(3)
Would you ever have sex with a guy?
A dick like his should not go to waste, so SC couldn’t help but ask.
“I’m down for whatever,” he answered quickly. “I can’t regret anything I haven’t tried!



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