Olympic Gold Medallist Arthur Nabarette Zanetti Jack Off Video [Updated with Video Download]

The stars must have aligned. Just the other day, when I was watching how Brazilian gymnast Arthur Nabarette Zanetti pulled off a major upset by winning defending champion Chen Yibing of China to win Olympics Men Still Rings Gold, I thought to myself, “what a hottie! I pray pray pray that he has a sex tape or some wank tape that gets leaked.”
I must have been a very good boy. My wish was Arthur Zanetti’s command.

We do not have the full story on how the video came about nor how was it leaked (if anyone knows please fill us in). The full video runs at a total of 35 minutes 51 seconds (yep, it’s that long) and appears to be filmed in a dormitory setting. There were four other fit boys in the room too and one would assume they’re from the Brazilian gymnastics team. Based on our research, the video first started making its rounds a couple of months ago, so this would pre-date the Olympics 2012.
The video starts with another guy (which turns out to be another Olympiad gymnast whose identity we’ll reveal in a follow up post) putting on a wank show in the bathroom. Later he went out into the living room and somehow at -24:17, Arthur Zanetti took over the laptop and he went into the bathroom next. He sat down, took off his tee shirt, fished out what we’re dying to see and then started playing with it for the camera. His segment lasted a good 9 minutes before pulling up his pants and going back to the living room to join the rest.
We’re not sure who they were performing for. Maybe the Queen? *Kidding*
At the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, he qualified in 4th place to the rings final, with a score of 15,616. On August 6th, 2012, Zanetti won the gold medal in this event, with a score of 15,900. Zanetti’s gold medal was Brazil’s first medal and also from Latin America (of any sort) in gymnastics at the Olympic Games.
Gymnastics great Chen, gunning for his fourth Olympic title, looked assured of victory after a superb opening routine in the final for 15.800. But Zanetti, second to Chen at the 2011 World Championships, pulled off a shock by scoring 15.900 as the last to go.

Arthur Zanetti at London Olympics 2012 qualifying where he qualified 4th place with a score of 15,616.

What a hot tumbler!

Last but not least, let’s revisit Arthur’s other winning performance!
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