Photosholympics: Björn Barrefors

Photoshop Olympics: Björn Barrefors
[Post Update: Looks like most of you believe Björn’s bulge is as big as what you can see. How many of you got your guesses right? Answer right at the bottom of the post. :)]
Our craze for crazy hot athlete continues at QueerClick as we bring you Swedish decathlete Bjorn Barrefors. Who cares if he wasn’t present at London 2012, we simply love his competitive attire — it leaves little left for imagination. Wouldn’t it be nice if we see Björn Barrefors pulling off a Henrik Rummel, and sport a boner during while competing?
Ah… There’s where image manipulation comes in nicely to satisfy our fantasy…

Photoshop Olympics: Björn Barrefors
Aww… Those uncut beauties… We should try appealing to the Olympic committee to make it a rule that all decathlete’s attire be made translucent. That’d boost more interests to the games!
Anyways, the editors thought we’d give you a little challenge today other than titillating your senses. Which amongst all the bulges above do you think has been retouched by the hands of Photoshop angels? [Clue: The answer can be one or multiple or none! :P]

Answer: All of the above, that is to say A B C D & E are all retouched bulges, some more touched than the others. 😛


15 Aug 12 By Jo 7 Comments