Porn Break: Tom Welling’s Snake!

Porn Break: Tom Welling's Snake!
Smallville, arguably, Television’s biggest tease. Ten seasons waiting to see Tom Welling donning the iconic Superman suit and all we got was a ten second shot on the season finale, sorry if we spoiled that one but the show ended long time ago so we are going to give ourselves a pass there. Producers stubbornly stuck to their “no flights, no tights” rule. But let’s face it, what we all wanted to see was Tom’s gorgeous looks compressed in skin-tight spandex, we can’t forget he was a former Abercrombie & Fitch model for Zod’s sake!
But, since bulges are our kriptonite, we have undusted a gem. Mr. Welling’s revealing VPL, in motion! You’ll believe a man can pack!
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Porn Break: Tom Welling's Snake!


21 Aug 12 By G. 15 Comments