Squirtz: Don Sparks

squirtz don sparks
Don Sparks is a bit difficult to categorize. He identifies as gay but we were surprised to learn that there are two things he practices with passion: rap music and martial arts. Not that a gay guy can’t do those things but we’ve become accustomed to young gay models who are more into Britney and dancing all night. But maybe it’s Don’s lust for the “bad boy” type that has made rap so appealing and martial arts so necessary. Living up to our un-categorizable description, Don can be completely “top” for weeks at a time and for no apparent reason switch to “bottom” overnight and stick with that for weeks. Though he tends to save his sex life for the privacy of the bedroom, he did admit to jerking off at the back of the class in school.

squirtz don sparks

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17 Aug 12 By Dave 1 Comment