Porn Break: Cheyenne Jackson

Admittedly, Cheyenne is so hot that this isn’t much of a Porn Break, but I suspect this the kind of rope-a-dope that QueerClickers dream of. Cheyenne Jackson released this song several weeks ago, and my huge celebrity crush on this hottie continues to deepen. Before long, you’ll catch me hiding in the bushes outside his house, binoculars in one hand and lubricant in the other. Honestly, I’d be there already if the soft glow of my laptop screen wasn’t such a surefire giveaway. And frankly, I wouldn’t do very well in prison.

Plus, while we’re on the subject, let’s go ahead and take a moment to enjoy this never-confirmed-but-never-quite-denied naked picture of Mr. Jackson. If you look carefully, the eyes, nose, and lips line up pretty well, so this might be legitimate. Enjoy!


21 Jan 13 By will 11 Comments