Catch Guys With Non-iPhones, Win Rewards

After crossing the 100,000 milestone on GuysWithiPhones, it looks like some nub non-iPhone users have infiltrated the archives. These vandals threaten the purity and sanctity of all that GWiPs has worked to build over the years. They need your help to root them out, and restore order to the GWiP world. To catch these jackasses, take a look through the archives, find the URLs for these dumb-phone using pirates, and send them all to the authorities. You will be handsomely rewarded!
Help us help them QueerClickers, you’re our only hope!

GuysWithiPhones has now curated more than 100,000 guys in their archives, and they’re celebrating this significant event with a giveaway! Participation can not be easier — comment, submit photos, or join in their manhunt to stand a chance to walk away with iTunes Gift cards. Visit for all the details.


21 Mar 13 By will 3 Comments