Chaos Men: Aiden and Toby – Serviced

Chaos Men: Aiden and Toby - Serviced
Toby was one of Bryan’s most reluctant performers, and you sure can tell by his body language. Fans of the art of body language will love examining his every move.
Aiden wasn’t real sure what to think about Toby. Like Bryan, he was surprised he was not even bi, but thankfully, Toby picked a straight porn with a hot guy in it that Aiden could get into as they both watched. Aiden can easily watch straight porn, but we think it depends on the guy. Bi baby steps!

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Hunger Games Star Josh Hutcherson Cock Pic Leaked?!

Can it be? Did our wildest dreams come true?! Josh Hutcherson, star of the forthcoming Catching Fire movie and Jennifer Lawrence bestie, has allegedly had a dick pic leak.
Apparently back in 2010/2011, Josh was caught on an online dating site, where he went by the name “Connor” and proceeded to send pictures (and the occasional video) to girls. Some girls have all the luck, ya know? Josh himself has yet to comment on the story. Which might mean it’s true. In any event, this seems like the perfect PR campaign for Catching Fire, especially since the wang in question is pretty amazing. Check it out after the jump!

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