Actor Luke Evans Gets Drunk and Strips On Cam4

Luke Evans appears to be having a weird time of it. In the wake of last year’s coming out/going back in/coming out/going back in fiasco, Evans was seen on Cam4 doing a striptease under the name stupidactor (Famous Boy Drunk). That oughtta quash all the gay rumors!
You know Luke from the Immortals, the Fast and the Furious franchise, and The Hobbit. He’s sort of like an older, sexier Orlando Bloom. We’re a little puzzled as to why he would do this, but alcohol makes all ideas seem like good ones, doesn’t it? So far we can’t find any actual naked pics, but the fantasy provided by his PG-rated strip show is enough to sustain us until he actually makes his porn debut.

You can also check this story out on Sticky, where it appeared earlier this week
No one seems quite able to get the lockdown on Luke Evans’ sexuality. Back in 2002, he gave an interview with The Advocate in which he came out, talked about past boyfriends, and admitted that he’s never had any use for the closet. However, since his career has taken off, he appears to have backpedaled slightly. This piece sums it up nicely, but there have been several attempts by his publicity team to retract the statement and to basically say “no comment.” The whole affair is very hazy, and his Cam4 adventure doesn’t exactly clear the matter up.
Luke, all we really want to know is whether or not we’ll need a roofie to get you into bed with us or whether you’ll do it of your own volition. That’s all we want to know! Help us out.

We’ve got a new business venture in mind: What if we started a cam site that was only for celebrities. Ok, sure, it would be slow-going at first, and we’d probably spend more money on alcohol than on the rest of the site, but something like this could really take off, right? We’d have to start off with attention seekers like Luke Evans and Matthew McConaughey, but we’d eventually melt the reservations of even the most prudish celebrities (Bill O’Reilly). Whaddaya think, QCers? Did anyone manage to catch Evans’ show live?
Here’s an interview he did, just so you can contextualize his voice and start to imagine what it would sound like for him to call you a dirty bitch while he was fucking you.

28 Jul 13 By will 9 Comments