Queerying: Aaron Savvy

Queerying Aaron Savvy
It all started on Aaron Savvy’s twitter (@Aaron_Savvy) that there was some big news coming. We have been following Aaron (aka Ajay from Sean Cody) for a while and we’ve enjoyed following his relentless pursuit of fun, being fit and well… being sexy. From porn to becoming a respected trainer in LA to a singing career, a radio show host to trying out for TV’s American Gladiator, Aaron inspires us. And so we were thrilled (flattered) when Aaron reached out to us to share his big news: He is returning to porn! We had a chance to talk to him a little more about his career, his decision to do bareback on camera and his plans for the future.
QC: Aaron, we’re really excited to talk to you and catch up. We know you’ve built a very successful fitness and wellness business for yourself. How did that all begin?
AARON: It all started when I was a young lad. My father who was a runner participated in triathlons, marathons, and did the impossible Iron Man. So… he got me into sports: baseball, football, wrestling, soccer. You name it I did it.
Though I was active, I was no one of large size, so I was a victim of being bullied in school all growing up. I would always tell myself “When I get big and strong, I won’t let anyone hurt me anymore”. Easier said than done right? Though I had the intentions, I had no game plan on how to do it. I really did not start working out until I was twenty-one. I hired a trainer who just happens to be this 70 year old man, but man was this guy in shape. He was my mentor, my teacher and one who would ultimately help make me who I am today.

Queerying Aaron Savvy
QC: What has focusing on the body and fitness taught you about life?
AARON: I learned that you can accomplish and do anything if you put your mind to it. It’s what I like to call the snowball effect that we have all heard. A snow ball starts out small, but as you continue to roll it will grow in gigantic size. Body and fitness is the same way. It starts out small with the change to start eating better and working out. As you are diligent in both… the change is gigantic. Not only will you look good physically, but mentally you’re stronger. Your self-confidence in who you are as person changes and your personal life, work life, everything changes for the better. Your overall outlook on life is on a whole new level.
QC: Have you ever worried about your connections with porn and your outside life?
AARON: I really haven’t worried only because I own everything I do and I’m not ashamed. It’s all a part of learning and growing. I know who I am as a person and that I have a goal and plan in life.
Queerying Aaron Savvy
QC: How did you initially get involved in porn?
AARON: I got approached by a recruiter on Myspace I think.
QC: Was it what you expected? What made you decide to walk away from making porn?
AARON: When I got into porn, I definitely got attention when going out and Sean Cody treated me with the upmost respect of professionalism.
With this all said and done, I wanted people to know who Aaron Savvy really was. Most people will never know me on a personal level. They are only able to see what is in front of them. So if they see me strictly as Ajay “porn star” than I might get “Oh he’s just a porn star”, a million other guys do that too for pay”. The other side is what I have been doing all this time I have been away from porn and really the other side to me: Training people and helping them establish a healthy life-style, writing for more fitness magazines/life style magazines than any other trainer out there. I did a YouTube fitness series “Zero to Savvy” helping people that I otherwise could not do if I was just training one on one. I also got involved in “It Gets Better” video, NOH8 and Trevor Project. I launched my own talk radio show interviewing celebrities that I broadcast here in Hollywood, California. You guys can check it out at www.aaronandscott.com. I have been on talk shows and continue to help the millions around the Globe look and feel better about themselves. That is my mission.
Queerying Aaron Savvy
QC: And now you’re coming back, how are you hoping to approach this differently?
AARON: Now that I have branded myself in who I am… my approach is this. Don’t be ashamed of who you are. Do not let others dictate and tell you what you can and cannot do. I live and breathe a healthy life-style. I teach mind, body, spirit. Be comfortable with yourself; know who you are as a person, take care of your body and your spirit (overall well-being). I am encompassing all of this in showing the World.
QC: What would your advice be to anyone starting in gay porn, knowing what you know now?
AARON: If you are going into porn, you better own it. Bottom line; if you try to hide it or lie about it, I promise you it will surface and people will find out.
QC: Can you share any details you can share about your scene partner or details of the scene itself and are you excited?
AARON: I don’t know who they are pairing me up with. Excited? Perhaps a little curious as to whom this person is. I think this guy who they are pairing me up with is brand new and has not been revealed on their site
Queerying Aaron Savvy
QC: You encourage an extremely healthy life through your fitness, but are you worried some might view doing bareback as an unhealthy choice?
AARON: This is a delicate situation. Yes I encourage an extremely healthy life-style, and yes Sean Cody is now doing bare backing. Right up until almost the day of the shoot they have me and other model I am working with get urine and blood tested for every STD. I have to see the model’s results as he has to see mine.
When I did Sean Cody in past, it was condom use, but there was no testing as with most studios shooting and doing porn. When people in general are hooking up with other people, there’s no blood testing going on. It’s a he say she say. I want to everyone to know the IMPORTANCE OF CONDOM USE AND FREQUENT TESTING. I have friends that have hooked up with other people only to have them say that have nothing when in fact they did. My friend got infected with an STD. Is there a risk for me? Absolutely! Nothing is 100% safe unless you do not have or engage in any sexual acts protecting you 100%. I am in a controlled environment with advance blood testing. I will say this… if I choose to sleep with someone outside of the studio, you bet I’m wearing a condom!
Queerying Aaron Savvy
QC: Do you feel like there is some hypocrisy in porn about straight movies that are all raw, but if it’s done in a gay porn, it’s a labeled “bareback”?
AARON: The gay community seems to always get the bad rap on everything. You say AIDS and the average person is going to say “The gays”.
QC: HIV infection hasn’t gone away, yet there is a rise in porn studios doing bareback porn. Why do you think this is?
AARON: In curiosity I did research on this one and found that the models that were infected were infected outside of the studio. So obviously they come back to do a shoot and their test results came back as positive. The word spreads and the automatic assumption is they got it on set.
Queerying Aaron Savvy
QC: What puts a smile on your face?
AARON: What puts a smile on my face is to know that I have made a difference in helping someone overcome adversity.
QC: What is your day-to-day like?
AARON: I wake up at 5am. I train clients most of the day, and then somewhere in there I train myself. I come home and write fitness plans for people who live in other Countries and write a column for some health magazine.
Queerying Aaron Savvy
QC: Where do you see yourself in the future?
AARON: I see myself acting on the Hollywood screen (talk in the works with writers now) and doing my radio show. There will always be some fitness aspect in there as well.
QC: What advice do you have for people to feel good about themselves?
AARON: That you are not alone! Millions share the same frustrations. Remember… If you don’t do something about it no one will. You know your true potential, YOU DO!! Picture what you want, and what you desire. Create a game plan and attack! You are special and you are beautiful!
QC: What are you really good at, that maybe no one knows?
Aaron: I play the piano by ear and write music.
Queerying Aaron Savvy
QC: If you could repeat your life, would you change a thing?
QC: How can keep up-to-date on what you’re up to?
AARON: Feel free to follow me on Twitter @Aaron_Savvy.
QC: Thank you, Aaron! We can’t wait to see your new work!


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