QueerClick Man of the Year 2013 — Abe (Sean Cody)

QueerClick Man of the Year 2012 MOTY 2013 -- Abe (Sean Cody)

AND THE RESULTS ARE IN! Abe of Sean Cody is QueerClick’s Man Of The Year 2013.
We have a few hours left to 2013 before we usher in the new year and we’ve been hard at work with the ballot box… frankly, we weren’t sure if we would make it on time cos the boozing started at QCHQ this morning! *HIC*
Yes, like many of you, we were rooting so much for a bottom to grab the trophy this year after years of consecutive power tops winning previous MOTYs. But Abe put up a good fight, your votes have been tallied, and it seems the tribe has chosen. What’s interesting to note is last year, we saw a landslide victory in Sean Cody Brandon (perhaps due to a less even contestant lineup)… but this year, the votes were very tightly distributed (see percentage breakdown in opening image above). 23-year old Abe won veteran Colby Keller by a pubic hairline, we must say!! How’s that for a close-shave?
We’ve put together a HIGH-IMPACT SHOWREEL of Abe’s amazing performances from 2012-2013. Beware of the pounding machine for the six-foot-three giant comes loaded with a 20kg brickbutt and gargantuan thunder thighs that propel his piston firing whilst at the same time ensuring engine fatigue never sets in. Dear orifice, you can start to quiver now…

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Military Classified: Zander

military classified zander

Military Classified
is introducing a new civilian recruit that is rather special to them as MC prides themselves in seeking these straight guys exclusively for the website. Once in a while they come across a beautiful find and Zander was one of them! Watch as they convince this straight boy from the OC let MC suck his uncut cock that was screaming “suck me” through his jeans! Check it out!

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31 Dec 13 By Dave 20 Comments

Master Derek Trashes His Sub at Brutal Tops

Master Derek Trashes His Sub at Brutal Tops
BrutalTops proves it is the place where the most skilled dominant men in the world reveal their raw sexual aggression. Leashed like the dog he is, a sub is pulled around by menacing Master Derek who is keen to teach him to behave like a cowed, defeated animal. Harshly kicked by the Master, the sub still has sore, red welts on his asshole from the earlier caning session and is made to lick the filthy, stinking armpits of the sneering top.

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