QuickClicks: Maverick Men and Straight Fraternity

quickclicks maverick fraternity

Two updates in this edition of QuickClicks. Tom is back at Maverick Men by popular demand and at Straight Fraternity Franco teases Lance‘s very sensitive cock.

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Franco has had enough of Lance’s showing off at team games. While the other guys hit the showers, Franco strips and blindfolds Lance, then spanks and paddles him. When Lance gets defiant, Franco flips him over, rims his ass roughly and makes him cum. He tortures Lance‘s sensitive cock and paddles him some more before walking off and leaving Lance spent and alone.

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Back by popular demand is Maverick Men‘s super hot straight-ish boy toy, Tom. He was hornier than ever and hungry for some hard dick and this time he came with his girlfriend’s blessing. Her only request was that they consider letting her tag along the next time.

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10 Mar 15 By Dave 2 Comments