QC Bulge Spotting: Allen Leech Bouncing Bulge!


It’s no secret that we have a thing for British actor and Downton Abbey star, Allen Leech. We even make a case for him when we found his SC doppelganger! So we don’t know how we missed this one. While we were rewatching a DA episode we caught a very handsome bulge from him and we knew we had to feature it here. It’s so yummy! And one of those cases where pictures don’t do the movement justice you just need to check the gif to see it in all his bulgelicous bouncy glory. Mr Leech certainly hangs to one side, wanna find out which? Make the jump! With this visual evidence how hung do you think he is? Tell us in the comments!


Additional images h/t: MyNewPlaidPants

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29 Jul 15 By G. 13 Comments