Pervy Doctors Use Ross’ Body at BreederFuckers


This greasy young “skaterboi” is right where the BreederFuckers doctors wanted him! Ross is going to be their subject in a psychological experiment to see if he can modify his wild behavior on the streets. Through degrading, belligerent and relentless bondage and submission the doctors expect to turn him into a docile and submissive subject. He’s tied to the table so he can’t escape and then is presented with an ass he’s forced to lick. Ross fights and this only gets the doctors horny.

At , now that we have in our clutches we’re going to use him in any way we want. Not only will we use his horny hetero body to get off, but he’s a . How can we train smarmy sexy ingrates like this to sexually service men rather than causing havoc on our streets? Ross’ wrists and ankles are tied to the table so he can’t escape when Dave rams his ass into the angry boy’s face. He demands Ross push his tongue up his stinking hole while Adrian delivers some bare-handed spanking to the resistant boy’s bare ass. With his testicles tied tight a vicious flogging starts and after that a vibrator is located near his sphincter and although he squirms his pleasure is undeniable!


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30 Apr 16 By G. 3 Comments