ChaosMen: Zak Fit – Serviced

ChaosMen: Zak Fit - Serviced

Zak Fit‘s scene partner missed his flight, and just gave up and went home, emailing Bryan hours before the shoot he wasn’t coming. Grrrrr!

Bryan hated to send Zak home empty handed, and with many requesting more Edge videos, he got him roped up in the Edge chair.

ChaosMen: Zak Fit - Serviced

He truly is being Edged throughout this video.

The guys stopped to do some of the extra play, and Bryan focused on training his ass to be fucked. Zak has a thick cock perfect for Topping, but he has used a toy on himself, but is reluctant to give up control to someone else fucking him.

Based on this video, he should be good to try bottoming his next video.

After that break, it was a little harder to pull the load out of him, but Bryan jerked him until he has a powerful orgasm!

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11 Jan 17 By Jo 6 Comments