Hetero Brad’s Ass Pounding At BreederFuckers

Hetero Brad’s Ass Pounding At BreederFuckers

Last time we checked on Brad he was enduring a lesson on humility.

Unfortunately to him this hetero needs more lessons. Totally naked and tied up his buff body is at the complete mercy of the nasty BreederFuckers men. His pinkish hole hasn’t recover from the last encounter with a dildo but miraculously continues to be as tight as it was before he they imprisoned him. Brad rejects the kisses without realizing that only fuels the desire to bring him down to his knees.

His nutsack is turning a deep shade of purple and Adrian is about to ram a huge dildo down his throat to test his gag reflex. On the other extreme his ass gets worked out while precum starts to pour from his cock. The horny torment meets a new level of pain when they tickle ever inch of his body. Brad’s humiliation is one of the cruelest we have ever seen!

Hetero Brad’s Ass Pounding At BreederFuckers

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25 Jan 17 By G. 2 Comments