Queer Clicks: January 06, 2017 | Are You Having Enough Sex?, Hanging Out: Episodes 1&2 – The Philippines produces Its First Gay Web Series, & Other News

Hanging Out

Are You Having Enough Sex?

“Since I became single, my mother has often asked me if I’m a slut. In the beginning, I’d respond with a blunt “no,” but more recently, I haven’t had an answer for her. “Define ‘slut,’ ” I’ll say. “If ‘slut’ means going from one guy’s place to the next in the same weekend, and then not having sex for three weeks, then sure, I guess I am.” I’m not trying to offend my mom, who’s in fact quite understanding; I’m just trying to deconstruct a word and idea that have caused so many different people to feel “less-than.” ” Out

Hanging Out: Episodes 1&2 – The Philippines produces Its First Gay Web Series

“In the last few months, much of the international news coming out of The Philippines has been about its rather unusual new president, Rodrigo Duterte, who has essentially given permission to death squads to kill suspected drug dealers and users, without bothering with niceties like a trial. However, it’s easy to forget that it’s also one of Asia’s most gay-friendly nations, although still with strides to make in LGBT rights.” Big Gay Picture Show

Does Moonlight Show Gay Cinema Has To Be Sexless To Succeed?

“Nearly one year ago, as Oscar voters were weathering a second straight year of criticism for the lack of diversity among their nominees, the notion of a film like Moonlight emerging as an Oscar frontrunner might have seemed fanciful. The Academy may not be unremittingly allergic to stories of contemporary black lives – Precious and Boyz N the Hood cracked their radar – just as they haven’t always been entirely blind to LGBT narratives.” The Guardian

Online Platform Wants To Be A Gay Netflix

” “Dekkoo is an online network, a gay Netflix,” Chief Operating Officer Brian Sokel tells the Bay Area Reporter. “It’s a streaming subscription platform for gay men. Our focus is gay movies, gay series and original content.”

Sokel noted the current dearth of gay programming on Logo, the Showtime-owned gay network that launched on cable amid much fanfare in 2005. Though RuPaul’s Drag Race remains Logo’s flagship show, much of their current schedule includes classic sitcoms like Bewitched, Green Acres, The Facts of Life, and All in the Family. Sokel feels that there’s a considerable difference between mainstream shows that appeal to gay men and actual gay programs. ” Bay Area Reporter

Male Stripping Troupe “Rumble From Down Under” Faces Legal Trouble In Maui

“The Maui Arts and Cultural Center is finding itself under fire after a few flesh-adverse protesters took issue with the theater for hosting the all-male stripping troupe Thunder From Down Under.

The promotional video, you see, evidently shows one of the men “mooning the audience,” according to Hawaii News Now. This is potentially, idiotically in violation of the theater’s liquor license.” Queerty

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