Hetero Brad’s Arse Pummelling At BreederFuckers

Hetero Brad’s Arse Pummelling At BreederFuckers

Hetero Brad has a luscious sporty arse and the nasty BreederFuckers guys can’t get enough of it!

All the trouble they went through to have this beefy guy restrained and at their completely mercy was totally worthy. He has the kind of nipples that beg to be squeezed and twisted and they seemed to be fixated on them. But nothing, absolutely nothing compares to the kind of unwanted attention his muscle butt is about to endure. Dave and Adrian don’t ask nicely, they demand and Brad has no other choice that make noises of discomfort when electric shocks are sent to his anus.

All that time wasted at the gym and talking to girls has not prepared Brad for this ordeal. He might look tough but there are parts of his body that will always be tender and this sexual training is going to take advantage of any weak point he has. As Brad is about to discover a dildo breaking into his tight butthole is teaching him an important lesson. He has been permanently fucked and there’s no turning back from that!

Hetero Brad’s Arse Pummelling At BreederFuckers

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