Hetero Max Turned Into Cocksucking Dog!

Hetero Max Turned Into Cocksucking Dog!

Max thinks that now that the pervy men of Breederfuckers had have their way with him he’s out of the woods. He couldn’t be more wrong.

At the first opportunity he rushes to the door to escape but the failed attempt only increases the anger of his captors. They have decided that he’s merely an animal, a pet if you will, and he’s going to be treated that way. Literally. And so the dog training begins.

Down in all fours Max is humiliated with at every chance. He’s not allowed to speak or move without his master’s consent. After some play with his dog toys they decide he’s ready to try a real boner. Not one but two dicks are put in front of him and he’s practically forced to choke on them. It looks he’s about to burst into tears but there’s no place for crying at this obedience camp. The two men laugh as they cover his face in their spunk but the worst for Max is yet to come. A doggie bowl is placed in front of him and when he refuses to drink it his face in planted inside the bowl. The content was not water but piss and now Max is soaked in it!

Hetero Max Turned Into Cocksucking Dog!


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