Queer Clicks: May 19, 2017 | 45 Photos Of Leather Weekend in D.C., A New Study Aims To See Whether Men With Beards Are Simply Sexier, & Other News

A New Study Aims To See Whether Men With Beards Are Simply Sexier

“Consider, if you will, the beard.

Beards have been on the minds and faces of a group of scientists lately, who are trying to definitively figure out whether men with beards are just damn sexier than those without. According to the New York Times, a new study suggests men do, in fact, find fellows with facial hair to be quantifiably more attractive than their freshly-hewn brethren. ” Queerty

‘Wonderkid’ Follows The Inner Turmoil Of A Gay Footballer

“From director Rhys Chapman, Wonderkid tackles the subject of homophobia in the world of sports, specifically soccer. It chronicles the inner turmoil of a gay professional footballer, played by Chris Mason (Broadchurch), as he strives to succeed as his true self in a hyper masculine environment. The UK short film is part of the #BEYOURSELF campaign to raise awareness about a lack of openly gay professionals in the sport.” Homorazzi

GCDS Releases Unapologetically Queer ‘Ecce Homo’ Capsule

“GCDS Worldwide just released the photo series for their special Ecce Homo capsule, which features unapologetically queer “Homo” chokers, tanks, tees, and socks with pink bedazzled detailing. The lookbook for the range is titled “One Night at the GCDS Hotel” and features our favorite Instagram hunk, Jhonattan Burjack.” Out

45 Photos Of Leather Weekend in D.C.

“Leather daddies and pups all strut their stuff from January all the way until the International Mr. Leather contest at the end of May — the grand master of leather events. Lest you assume that all the hot guys in fetish gear and bare-ass jocks are just about showing it off and sexing it up, the leather family is all about giving back to the community.” Advocate

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