ChaosMen: Brick

ChaosMen: Brick

Brick is another chill and relaxed guy. Brick was a bit more forthcoming than some of the recent guys.

He is a straight guy who of course wanted to do straight porn, but found this paid better. His hair is actually quite long, perhaps growing down to his lower back. He normally keeps it tied-up.

Sexually, he said that when he was very young, he messed around a bit with a guy, but only received head.

ChaosMen: Brick

He tends to jerk is cock with an ‘ok’ grip, just below the head, which forces the blood in his head to the very tip. His cockhead is very engorged and looks like it is ready to shoot.

Brick found it very easy to nut, and shoots cum everywhere. We can’t wait to see how he does during a Serviced video! Head over to ChaosMen for more!

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17 Jul 17 By Jo 9 Comments