Queer Clicks: August 13 | 42 Film Posters Showing Hollywood’s LGBT Evolution, So You Want To Be A Leather Daddy?, & Other News

Amini Fonua’s Rock Hard Thighs, Max Emerson’s Naked Serenade, & Terry Miller’s Silver Hairs

“This week Madonna’s kid brother tried dragging her through the mud again, Justin Bieber stepped out with a questionable substance on his shorts, and Tyson Beckford slipped out of his towel at a Magic Mike Live show. Here’s what happened on Instagram:” Queerty

42 Film Posters Showing Hollywood’s LGBT Evolution

“Wes Davis, a professor of English and film at the University of New Haven, recently curated an exhibition, “LGBT Movie Poster History & Iconography” at the Seton Gallery on his college campus. In showcasing 115 pieces of movie paper, the exhibition traced the “long, rich, and troubled history” of LGBT films over nearly a century of time. “Collecting this movie paper is like reconstructing and preserving the fossil record of gay lives on film,” Davis wrote.” Advocate

Photo Courtesy Jim Wigler

So You Want To Be A Leather Daddy?

“I was anxious when I attended International Mr. Leather (IML) a few years back. It was my first big leather event, and I was conscious that the scene was riddled with codes and social hierarchies that I didn’t understand. I thought I was being sexy, showing up bare-chested with wrist restraints and a thick collar around my neck, but halfway through the first party, I realized that I wasn’t picking up anyone.

I got chatting with this one guy who explained that it was likely because of my collar.

Turns out that wearing the collar meant I was owned. I took it off right away and placed it in my back pocket, which changed the course of my night.” Out

Bryan Hawn & Nick Dent Take On Katy Perry’s Roulette. They’re “Double Trou-bubble” In New Sexy/Funny NSFW-ish Parody

“In his most recent video I think Bryan Hawn rolls all of the above into one. In his parody of Kay Perry’s Roulette he brings along Nick Dent, model, singer, actor, and ex-Porn star.

Bryan himself calls his new clip “sex and funny.” The vocals are all Bryan Hawn and Nick Dent. They aren’t Usher quality, but they’re holding their own, and each other’s. I think this video does show some improvement in Nick’s singing, too.” Instinct Magazine

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