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This week we have four Korean Cuties and one time-limited tanned stud Josef in our Sticky Shop, and Sticky Giveaway No 38 is now available to 25 of our premium members (details at Sticky). More preview pics and links to freebies after the jump!

We’re excited to have nabbed one fratboy who’s not only got the smarts, the hot gym bod, but has obviously been schooled with a great preppy sense of style too! We’re enamoured with his many different looks – from sportswear to casual wear to formal wear – he rocks them all. His dorky glasses gave us an instant boner. You’d have one too. Good thing we have a home video to help you take care of business.

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Rare: Limited Availability – Fat meaty cock, sculpted body, balls full of cum and the list go on. And they all look better with a warm glaze of glistening cum to get you more hungry.

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Stud exhibition.

Looks like he’s crying in pleasure.

There are plenty of free pics & vids on Sticky, so please check them out! Below are some of the hottest freebies, click images to watch ?

HUGE indeed.

Creamy fountain.

Brushing with his beard.

Waiting for white shower.

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