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This week we have three Chinese hotties and one Korean Cutie in our Sticky Shop, and Sticky Giveaway No 39 is now available to 25 of our premium members (details at Sticky). More preview pics and links to freebies after the jump!

What have we got you from our Sticky vault, our dear Sticky Premium family members? In this giveaway, we dust off one very special jerk off video showcasing one super popular fitness model (he’s got over 430k followers on Instagram – that’s how big he is!).

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Handsome fucker.

Thick, sloppy and shiny.

Showering himself passionately.

If you’re looking for a guy who’s committed to his special “me time” and making sure his own carnal pleasure is maximised each time his releases his pressure, look no further. JX is the uber Chinese horndog.

Price: $32

Lights on or lights off there’s no denying that Liu is the hottie you need to make you appreciate boyish looking guys more. Boasting that cute face, sculpted body and that impressively thick cock that he didn’t stop playing with until he nuts that warm creamy straight man milk. Enjoy seeing him jerk off in three different setups and positions in this 3-in-1 video pack. Each recording is finished with the good ‘ol moneyshot!

Price: $29 (Introductory price. Pricing increases after 5 days)

There are plenty of free pics & vids on Sticky, so please check them out! Below are some of the hottest freebies, click images to watch ?

Showing devotion.

Ginger hottie’s throbbing dick.

Aww. That butt needs to be seen more often.

Look at what the neighbor is caught doing.

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