Split Identity: ActiveDuty’s Rix Vs SeanCody’s Ollie – Which Version Is Your Favorite?

It’s an identity crisis that we need to solve as soon as possible!

This undoubtedly hot guy keeps creating new personas as he jumps from one studio to the other. We have some pressing questions about this which the collective wisdom of our readers will surely answer!

He was first introduced to us thanks to SeanCody‘s talent scouts. “Ollie” went to make a lot of scenes and he proved to be built for porn. He practically outshone all the partners he was paired with with his versatile roles. But last year he vanished from the SC roster of stable studs. Almost as the coincidence with his enigmatic absence from the studio that makes him a familiar face, he then popped up at another studio. And so “Rix” was born. With ActiveDuty we got to discover his new alter. A tough military guy who after one solo topped most of the time in his following on-screen AD appearances. And if his handsome face wasn’t enough, one tattoo on his arm (the Olympic rings) was the proof we needed to corroborate that it was indeed the same guy despite the name change. Just when we thought he had settled in a new home he then popped up in another place. More recent in the timeline Rix/Ollie popped up on MilitaryClassified. This time as Antonio. As far as we’re concerned he can keep getting new names just as long as that hard cock and bubble butt stay in the porn business!

Make the jump to see more of Rix/Ollie/Antonio. Which version of him is the best? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to vote in our poll!

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21 Sep 17 By G. 2 Comments