Queer Clicks: December 07 | 5 Signs You Need A Tinder Timeout, 41 Photos Of Guys Struggling To Stay In Their Swimwear, & Other News

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5 Signs You Need A Tinder Timeout

“With so many options ― and so few meaningful connections ― it’s easy to see how looking for love on Tinder and other similar apps could become demoralizing.

We swipe indiscriminately, losing out on potentially great matches just because photos were so-so or a profile didn’t include the right words. The snap judgments often continue when we meet in real life; some research has suggested that the act of rating and comparing people in advance actually makes them seem less attractive when you do meet.” Huffington Post

41 Photos Of Guys Struggling To Stay In Their Swimwear

“Originally from Spain’s Canary Islands, Spain, Adrián C. Martín has been through several stages in his life, but he found his true vocation in photography. His obsession with beauty expresses itself in the pictures he has produced asa freelance photographer for 10 years. Having done editorial shoots for a variety of magazines, he’s been featured in local and nationwide publications in Spain.” Advocate

So That sheriff On ‘Riverdale’ Is One Hot Daddy… Wouldn’t You Agree?

“Steamy developments are the order of the day on Riverdale, and a new character featured on the show is already causing our bifocals to fog over.

This is Martin Cummins, a Canadian actor who stars as robustly handsome Sheriff Keller; he of the chiseled physique and furrowed brow. ” Queerty

Steve Grand Shows Off His Jockstrap In NSFW Instagram Story

“The country music star might be the literal embodiment of the handsome boy-next-door we’d take home to meet our mothers, but if his Instagram stories are anything to go by, he’s not that innocent. Last month, Steve released his fabulous music video for Walking, and while the clip featured him dressing up in cute outfits and channeling his inner diva with some killer choreo, our eyes naturally fixated on the moment he wore a white jockstrap.” Gay Times

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