SpunkWorthy: Donnie’s Massage

SpunkWorthy: Donnie's Massage

Donnie was pretty nervous about doing a happy-end massage shoot. He had never done anything with a guy before, so the guys were breaking some new boundaries.

But he’s comfortable with his body and figured that trying something new was par for the course in the porn world.

SpunkWorthy: Donnie's Massage

Donnie was more on board than he realized. His cock was which was growing stiffer by the second as soon as he lay on the massage table.

Jason had two handfuls to work with. As he made his way across Donnie’s body, slowly teasing his shaft, Donnie’s body quivered, as if he was fighting back cumming to soon.

With the slightest movements of his hips, Donnie let loose at load that splattered his furry stomach. See more of him over at SpunkWorthy.

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