ChaosMen: Zuko

ChaosMen: Zuko

Zuko is a mix of Latin and mix of various other genes, but he gives off a Polynesian vibe to Bryan. He is a smart and a chill kind of guy.

He also identifies as Bi, even though his sexual experiences have been with some trans women that he ended up swapping oral with. It sounds like he is Bi with training wheels. But there is definitely a gay/bi vibe. He does have a girlfriend, and Bryan is left wondering if he might end up deciding that guys are more fun.

ChaosMen: Zuko

Zuko is into it, and makes lots of noise as strokes his cock for us.

He is especially good at showing-off his ass. He spreads his cheeks wide, fingers his holes, and tripods his cock on the couch.

He also came easily. He watches you as he busts his nut, doing a great job with his solo! For more of Zuko, head over to ChaosMen.

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12 Feb 18 By Jo 4 Comments