Italian Artist Desaxxx And His Highly Erotic Men – QC Exclusive Interview!

Italian Artist Desaxxx And His Highly Erotic Men - QC Exclusive Interview!

Big burly Italian men, hairy chests and huge cocks. All that and more in this Exclusive QC Interview!

Our perpetual quest for finding new forms of (hot) entertainment for our QCuties led us to the door of Desaxxx. His inspiring, and horny work is eye catching, polished and above all else… boner inducing. We have always had a special place to feature new emerging talent here in our QC Arts column and this Italian artist fit the bill to a tee.

This creator has a very distinctive style and his erotic pieces feature x-rated men in a myriad of situations that go from sensual to hardcore, but they always leave a smile plastered on your face. His ever-expanding Patreon delights his visitors with not only drawings but also comics and animations that add another hot dimension to his hairy hung men. Desaxxx has graciously agreed to give us an interview and we can’t wait to introduce him to our QCreaders!

Make the jump to read the full Q&A and join us in discovering more of his super hot art. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and impressions in the comments!

Hi Desaxxx, we know you’re Italian and that you have studied at various art schools, what else can you tell us about yourself?

Well, I am 47 years old, they say I’m a handsome man. I have a happy and fulfilling life with my partner and a dog that we love very much! As for my professional background, I deal with interior and set design. I’m passionate about history and archaeology, and obviously I love drawing! ?

Do you draw every day, can you describe your technique? Is it all digital from the get go or do you start with a traditional pencil and paper approach?

I’ve drawn every single day of my life since I have a memory, think I maybe started doing it before I even was able to speak! Generally, I draw in the traditional way, then I put the drawing on the PC and pick up from there. Oftentimes my drawings are born to be animations, so each piece is worked on separately to make it move. It’s a time-consuming technique. I stopped drawing pornographic characters for a couple of years (I consider myself better suited for backgrounds) but then a very dear friend of mine (FreeBo23) encouraged me to go back to my roots. I followed his advice and I see continuous improvements day to day.

Italian Artist Desaxxx And His Highly Erotic Men - QC Exclusive Interview!

Was there a moment, or turning point in your career, that made you share publicly your erotic drawings?

A few years ago I stumbled upon Julius’s work and became obsessed with his style and techniques. We started talking on the internet and he asked me to make the first animations for his site. I think this was the point were Desaxxx was born.

Where do you get your best ideas from? Real-life models, situations you have lived, pure imagination, the shower?

It’s difficult to answer this question. My inspiration is born from anything that strikes me at the time. Sometimes it could be a (cultural) mythology that attracts me and sometimes it’s something that reminds me of a story from my early years. In my daily life I’m very chaste but I have always appreciated the male nipples and large hairy pecs. Maybe my works manifest fantasies that do not come from consciousness.

Italian Artist Desaxxx And His Highly Erotic Men - QC Exclusive Interview!

Tom of Finland famously said “If I don’t have an erection when I’m doing a drawing, I know it’s no good.” Does the same thing happen to you?

Absolutely yes!

Does your art allow you to support yourself financially completely?

The dream of living off my art is still in formation and I definitely want to dedicate more time to it to reach higher levels of excellence. I’m convinced that my best work is yet to be done. ?

Italian Artist Desaxxx And His Highly Erotic Men - QC Exclusive Interview!Italian Artist Desaxxx And His Highly Erotic Men - QC Exclusive Interview!

How important is humor in your drawings?

Indispensable! Humor is absolutely a must for me.

Can you name other erotic artists who have influenced your work?

Sure! I already mentioned Julius but I could add Etienne, Jean Cocteau, Tom of Finland, Animan, Hirano Go, Tagame and FreeBo23.

How often do you check out porn sites (like QueerClick perhaps, wink wink), are you a regular consumer of gay porn?

I look for inspiration everywhere and it’s something I do on a daily basis! *wink, wink*

Italian Artist Desaxxx And His Highly Erotic Men - QC Exclusive Interview!

You have expanded to animation and gay comics, where else do you want to take your art in the future?

Maybe a paintings exhibition with non-porn but erotic subjects. Perhaps something designed with a larger audience in mind. Also, I’m currently doing a private “erotic” calendar month by month commissioned by one of my Patreons. That’s another interesting idea to expand on.

Finally, what makes you “click” in life and in bed?

Wow, that’s private. I’m blushing! But as I said before I have a special fondness for nipples and chests. ☺

Thank you for your time Desaxxx, QC loves you!

Artwork featured on this post was used with the artist’s permission

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