QC’s Gratuitous Post Of The Day: A Cute Dentist Takes On “In My Feelings Challenge”

You may have seen people dancing to the tune of Drake’s song “In My Feelings” but this one, in particular, is so adorable. This is QC’s Gratuitous Post of The Day!

Dr. Rich Constantine of South Carolina takes on the “Shiggy Challenge” and his video actually blew up. He playfully calls it “In My ‘Fillings‘”. We just want to take a little bit of your time to appreciate how cute this dentist is and dance steps which may look a bit awkward but his endearing moves actually make up for it! We bet he may have attracted more people to come to his dental clinic after posting his video!

Just look at how hunky he is. Imagine him dancing this way to entertain you before getting your teeth checked?

He is just so lovely we wouldn’t really bother opening our mouths when he tells us to do so. Of course for the dental check-up still.

He may have not totally killed the dance moves but we’re sure he killed several hearts with his sex appeal!

Watch the original post below and let us know your thoughts. Do you think he did great? Did his video make your day? Tell us in the comments below!

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07 Aug 18 By Miguel 4 Comments