QC’s Gratuitous Post Of The Day: Crazy Hot Asian Henry Golding

When we first saw the trailer for the film Crazy Rich Asians, an eye -candy immediately caught our attention. Here’s QC’s Gratuitous Post of The Day.

Henry Golding, 31, is a Brit-Malaysian model/host and now, an actor. This cutie stars in his first-ever role as Nick Young in the film adaptation of a Kevin Kwan-penned novel Crazy Rich Asians which will open in theatres next week. Though we know he already appeared in some television shows, not as an actor, we just wondered why it took ages for his beauty to get the spotlight. Just look at him. He is tall, charming, and handsome. No wonder he is following up his acting stint as Blake Lively’s husband in an upcoming film A Simple Favor. We also noticed that we were only given 3 super quick shirtless shots of Henry in his movie’s trailer so we would be persuaded to see if he is going to show more in the film.

We know we deserve more than 3 shirtless shots so here are some more from his Instagram account:

Family BBQ day 😊

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Scripts, sunsets and sangria 🥂

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Vibe 💯

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Mornings will never be the same since @marksgeneralstore came into my life… 😅

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Do you find him hot? Let us know in the comments below!

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09 Aug 18 By Miguel 2 Comments