QC’s Gratuitous Post Of The Day: #InternationalCatsDay

Before August 8 wraps up, we want to celebrate International Cats Day here on QC’s Gratuitous Post of The Day!

By the way, the title you see up there isn’t just a plain title. It is actually an Instagram account handle. Hot Dudes With Kittens perfectly describes what you can expect with the account. They feature photos of handsome cats with their equally handsome owners or sometimes just some hot guy who likes carrying cats and have a winsome photo with them. And as a way to purrrrrrrrfectly commemorate #InternationalCatsDay, here are some of the sexiest photos submitted to their Instagram account that would make you wish you were one of these lucky felines being carried around the arms of these hunky men!

Make a jump and let us know what you think about these photos. Who do you think is the hottest? Tell us in the comments below!

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#hotdudeswithkittens 😍

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08 Aug 18 By Miguel 4 Comments