QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week

He’s buff, he’s naked, and he’s everything you can lay your eyes on right at this moment for this week’s QC’s Nude Boyfriend Of The Week!

There are guys who can make you do things without them saying anything. Take this week’s boyfriend, for instance, he can make you drool without saying a word. Without commanding you. Just imagine resting your body on top of those big pecs and his broad shoulders. A 5-minute nap while touching him would certainly feel like a month worth of vacation in a paradise! Don’t you wanna lick that bulging chest and nibble those nice nipples to bring pleasure to his body or just to simply make him hard? Speaking of making him hard, it would be all worth it if you’re successful! His cock is already beautiful when it’s flaccid but make him hard to see how prettier it could get. Its measure is just the right size for an afternoon fellatio and a night-long fucking. He is definitely worth keeping for a week or two. Or maybe forever!

Spoil yourself with these sexy photos of this week’s hunky boyfriend and let us know what you think about him in the comments below!

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05 Aug 18 By Miguel 12 Comments