QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week

What’s on the menu for today? We have a curious-looking youthful guy for this week’s QC’s Nude Boyfriend of The Week!

He’s cute but he is not your typical “boy-next-door” type of hunk. He looks like he is just starting gain muscles while growing up and we are pretty sure that if he keeps it up, he will be hotter than hell in a matter of years. But for now, he’s happy to let us see his body progress. We feel like he could have even let us touch those sexy pecs just to feel his masculinity. But what we like about him is the fondness of taking close-up shots of his dick. He wants to take some shots of his peen with these crazy angles just for us to get a glimpse of this body part if it was intimately close to it. That’s very generous of him! He is not shy of flaunting everything he has which makes him more adorable. We would love to have our hands be touching that slightly hairy chest, then his abs down to that cock and make him hard as to how he deserves to be touched. We would not ask for anything more!

Come and check out his raunchy selfies enough to save you just in case you are having a not so good day. Let us know what you think about our boy toy for the week in the comments below!

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12 Aug 18 By Miguel 1 Comment