SpunkWorthy: Buzz

SpunkWorthy: Buzz

Buzz is a 23 y/o, straight and native to the San Diego area. Currently in college and playing hoops on the side, he’d been told a few times that he should get into the porn biz. When he told his brother and another buddy about giving it a shot, they both gave him a big thumbs-up so he went ahead and sent in an application.

SpunkWorthy: Buzz

Buzz seemed to thrive on being able to show off his 8-incher in HD. He seemed even more excited knowing that guys will be jacking off watching him. Gotta love those exhibitionist types!

Oddly enough, Buzz had never measured his cock. But that was remedied easily enough; the ol’ measuring tape being conveniently handy. He barely flinched and even suggested getting some other measurements to make sure Jason was getting it accurately.

When cum time came, Buzz really was working to get himself up to the edge. The build-up was pretty intense. But when he got there, the orgasm seemed to go on for minutes! Buzz shot all over his abs and lay there convulsing and twitching, watching as the thick load dripped from his cock.

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