Ten “Alluring Gymnasts” From Instagram You Need In Your Life This Week!


We could not agree more when they say that gymnastics is one of those sports which has the sexiest athletes. We’re pretty sure you’d get your eyes all locked up on them and their ripped bodies whatever stunts they try to pull off!

With super tight competition shirts and complicated routines, there’s no way you would be looking away once these gymnasts start performing. Who would not want to see those physiques they have developed in years and years of intense training? Watch those muscles flex while they’re doing double-salto, from their strong arms down to sexy chests and abs, it’s certainly going to be a show. And it also looks like they are unintentionally trying to be a tease but they cannot do anything about the poly-spandex material they need to wear. It’s a good thing that it makes them comfortable while it makes us audience feel uncomfortable. To see what we’re talking about, let us just check out these ten hot gymnasts from Instagram you need to see this week.

Make a jump and check out these athletic hotties to satisfy your eyes right before the work week starts. Who do you think is the hottest gymnast? Vote in the poll and tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

1. @alecyoder


2. @cbrooks_gym


3. @dannypurvis90


4. @epkez


5. @frankbaines


6. @louissmith1989


7. @meltonsean

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Welcome to the "real world" they said.

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8. @oldham93


9. @paul_ruggeri


10. @samuelmikulak



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