In And Out of Clothes: Chris Evans VS Jake Gyllenhaal

In And Out of Clothes: Chris Evans VS Jake Gyllenhaal

Let us kill that curiosity lurking in your minds. How would some celeb look when they’re naked? Let us take a look at that here in this edition of In and Out of Clothes!

This time, it is going to be Chris Evans versus Jake Gyllenhaal. Last week, we put two young celebs up for the battle but today, we want to see how these men over 30s can still pull off that sex appeal all throughout these years. These actors have a lot in common. Both started their careers in the 90s, both actors are 37 years of age as of writing. Chris and Jake are just some of the best examples of hot bachelors over 30. Yup, both are single as of this moment. So let us take a peek at what people might be missing or what we might not be seeing underneath their clothes.

Make a jump and play with the sliders so you can reveal hot and sizzling reimagination of Chris Evan’s and Jake Gyllenhaal’s naked bodies. Let us also know who you think is hotter without his clothes off in the poll and the comments below.


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10 Oct 18 By Miguel 4 Comments