In And Out of Clothes: Hugh Jackman VS Ryan Reynolds


It’s Deadpool and Wolverine on the table this time on In and Out of Clothes.

Marvel World will be shaken to see how their characters played by Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds be seen naked. Well, we are not gonna let you imagine because we know nobody has real x-ray visions. You may have seen Ryan’s thingy in Gone Girl but it was really brief so here’s a re-imagined picture of his member. And he is going against Hugh Jackman which we all know, can win a hot dad award anytime. But in this battle, who do you think will triumph?

Make a jump and tell us who you think may look hotter when naked. Is it Hugh Jackman or Ryan Reynolds? Cast your votes below and tell us what you think in the comments too!


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17 Oct 18 By Miguel 8 Comments