Queer Clicks: October 14 | I Rewatched ‘King Cobra,’ James Franco’s Terrible Gay Bait Murder Movie, Holy Penile Panic! Batman’s Full-Frontal Debut Had Consequences, & Other News

I Rewatched ‘King Cobra,’ James Franco’s Terrible Gay Bait Murder Movie

“All I knew about King Cobra before watching was that it was the “gay porn murder” movie, and after nearly half the movie it still hadn’t happened. No one had even talked about murdering or being murdered, and I was already almost a prestige TV episode into a dickless dramascape that felt like every James Franco movie I’d ever seen. Chekov’s gun was nowhere to be seen, and I knew exactly where to look for it.” Vice

Holy Penile Panic! Batman’s Full-Frontal Debut Had Consequences

“DC comics, home of famed characters like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, continues to backpedal after the company published a book showing Batman’s penis.

Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee, speaking at the New York Comic-Con, wrote the nude reveal and subsequent controversy off as “production errors,” and said that DC will be more mindful of content in the future. ” Queerty

Remembering the Ultimate Coming Out Video and the Twins Who Spawned Gay Outrage

“Coming out can feel like a daunting and laborious pain in the ass. It’s an emotional state rife with dread, angst and yo-yo depression.

In January of 2015, coming out was about to meet its prodigal sons. In honor of National Coming Out Day, I would like to revisit the biggest coming-out story to date: The Rhodes Bros.” Hornet

Shawn Mendes Covers ‘Under Pressure’ For ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

“t weeks before Bohemian Rhapsody arrives in theaters, a taste off the soundtrack arrives. Shawn Mendes teams up with his frequent collaborator Teddy Geiger to cover “Under Pressure” made famous by Queen and David Bowie. Proceeds from the track will be donated to Mercury Phoenix Trust to assist with the worldwide fight against HIV/AIDS. ” Homorazzi

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