Do you have any experiences worth sharing? Do you think it has contributed to making you a better queer man? Or is it an interesting account you’ve always been dying to share to the world? It is actually perfect to be shared in a wider audience and when we say wider, we mean here at Queeriosity! Share your story and win a prize!

Whether it’s a life-changing narrative or a really funny embarrassing encounter perfect for a stand-up comedy piece, everything counts. Thru this, we could learn, grow and support one another by each and everyone’s anecdotes or maybe help someone get something out of their chest by listening to them. It’s really a fun way to read other people’s contributions you did not know would be very relatable to your experience. And for this week, we are going to give you this topic and we want you to share your experiences as truthfully as possible:


Did your coming out moment resemble a “Love, Simon”-like scene? Did it go as smoothly as planned or was it difficult for you and the people you have come out to accept this fact? Let us know everything (including the tea) in the comments below!

And yes! the best story will win a prize. The winning entry will be rewarded a $30 Sticky credit so you can also enjoy something out of your story sharing! So leave us your interesting stories below. HURRY because only comments from the next 3 days are going to be included as entries!


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09 Nov 18 By Miguel 3 Comments