Bulges: British Rugger Ben Foden

Uhhh guys. When’s the last time you’ve checked out rugby player Ben Foden? He had sort of slipped our radar until someone posted an extremely hot bulge pic on sticky earlier this week. We completely forgot how sexy he is! Ben is so hot, it kills us. And that’s almost not a metaphor.
Hydrate, clear some jerkoff time in your day, and prepare yourselves for a long, hot scroll. We hope that bulge is getting some regular attention, because it definitely deserves it.

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30 Jul 13 By will

For the Love of Freeballing

The confessional is open and I have to admit that I am a huge fan of freeballers and freeballing. Cue the Freeballers Anonymous refrain “Hi I’m Dave and I am a freeballer….Hi Dave!”. It’s liberating to dangle and sway, and when you toss on some mesh shorts, or underamour it’s almost like being naked in public. If you google twerking or search youtube you’ll get 100’s of hits. What do you think…is it a good thing, too distracting, is it ok to freeball in public?

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28 Jul 13 By Dave

Guess His Dick #26

Our latest man brings something new to the table. If you thought last week’s GHD was crazy, you haven’t seen anything yet! Go big or go home – this week’s contender is going to make your jaw drop (and your mouth water)!

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22 Jul 13 By catfish

Guess His Dick #24: Chub Next Door Edition

This week on GHD, we’re trying something a little different. We’ve had several different readers asking if we could include more cub and chub content, and today is grant-a-wish day here on QC, because today’s GHD contender is a hot little chub who comes to us from the annuls of the interwebz. All we know about him is that he’s a 21 year old Math major. Well, that and his dick size, but you’ll have to guess correctly if you want to know that!

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09 Jul 13 By will